Signal changes to be brought in to ease congestion at Redbridge roundabout

New safety measures are being trialled at Redbridge Roundabout following concerns over congestion, air quality and road safety.

Improvement measures at the roundabout will include a new timing strategy, where signals will be held on red for up to six seconds longer to provide more time for vehicles to exit at Redbridge Lane East.

There will also be a three-second increase in green light time to reduce congestion on the A12.

A406 traffic will receive a green signal once every two minutes – it is currently every minute – to reduce queues which normally go up to Redbridge Lane East.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan plans to trial the changes, which will be monitored by signal engineers, for four weeks.

Lane markings will also be reviewed to make the roundabout safer with the mayor hoping to reduce “side swipe” collisions.

Mr Khan said: “Having visited the area and seeing the issues at Redbridge roundabout for myself, I made a firm commitment to produce an outline plan to address Londoners’ concerns about congestion, air quality and road safety.

“Working with Transport for London (TfL), I have now delivered on that promise within two weeks and we have already put in place a range of signalling measures to begin reducing congestion for residents, improving safety and cracking down on pollution.”

London Assembly Member Keith Prince said: "Having campaigned on this issue for a number of years I am pleased that a potential solution is to be trialled.

"I look forward to seeing the results of the trial, and hope it will deal with the issues at the roundabout."